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“A Brief Canadian History is a necessary tool that slides well across the curriculum. We all could benefit from seeing this presentation, if only to take some more pride in who we are and where we, as Canadians, come from. Scott is a proud Canadian, and subsequently, a wonderful educator of that pride.”

Hutley Addie
Teacher at John Rennie High School, Montreal, Quebec.

“A Brief Canadian History” brings together a creative mix of professionalism, humour, and heartfelt lyrics. The presentation was fast paced and interesting. The atmosphere created by questions, answers, slides and music was wonderful.”

Mrs. R. Wyse
Teacher at Riverdale High School, Montreal, Quebec.

“The educational materials that you sent to us prior to your performance were intrumental in achieving the audience reaction and participation that it did. The song booklet, along with its capsule studies of certain events in our history and accompanying follow-up questions, turned your performance into a mini-project. Rather than just “watching” another theatre group perform for us, the students were able to both prepare for your performance and then join you as we all sang your Canadian history songs. What a wonderful history lesson!”

Nancy Stokes and Walter Makowski,
Teachers at Northview Elementary School, Montreal, Quebec.

Dear Scott,

Thank you very much for visiting our school and sharing your stories with us all. I learned a lot about Canadian history and the tales of long ago. My favorite song was the one Kat sang about Elsie MacGill. It was a spooky song with lots of description. Your whole group is talented especially when you played two instruments at once. I can see that it must have taken a lot of practice to make your lyrics and music perfect. When I went home I told all my stories to my family and made them more interested in the history of Canada. I hope to be able to hear you again because because your music was great. I enjoyed the slides they made the performance a lot more visible in my mind. I enjoyed it a lot and I thank you again for coming. Hope to see you perform again.

Student from Northview Elementary

Dear Natasha,

I am a figure skater that represents the kirkland figure skating club. I really enjoyed the show a lot. I heard that in big areas down town you do a story about the Native Canadians. I really like how you have the idea of having a slide show along with the music because it shows you the subject you are singing about. I hope you and your peers, go to concerts. I hope your talent is shown around the world, that you care about the others that died. It would be great if you can perform in Ireland. They would appreciate a Canadian singing about somthing that no one knew about. It's really an amazing topic your group does. I hope seeing you in the future.

Student from Northview Elementary

Dear Scott, Kat, Jonathan and Natasha,

I loved your performances. Jonathan you are a great musician, you play very well! You have great eye hand coordination. You guys are amazing performers. I have never heard such great music in my life although I haven't been around very long. Its just great music that can teach you stuff and entertain you at the same time. Scott you're a great song writer and I love your paintings. Your songs have great lyrics and all the way home I was singing ''Underground Railway''. Natasha you are really pretty and the slide show helped me picture in my head what Scott, Kat and Jonathan were playing. Kat you have a great voice. You can sing and still hold the beat. 

Thank you sooooo much and I hope to see another one of your performances again.

Student from Northview Elementary

The aim of the performance is to increase awareness of the cultural mosaic that exists in Canada and provoke thought and dialogue about our history and future. Although Scott MacLeod is not yet a household name in Canadian music, he is definitely not a stranger to the music business. He has been writing and recording music since his childhood and has performed on stages throughout Canada, America, and Europe.”

Cameron Noyse, Music Promoter, Vancouver, B.C.

His music is influenced by, North American blues, folk and the indigenous rhythms of his homeland, and his rich Celtic ancestry. The varying traditional components, and the contemporary approach allows the past to be linked with the present and point a way to the future.”

Arnold McBay, Artist, St-Catherines, Ontario

À travers quinze compositions issues de sa plume et formant le fondement d’un project multimédia, le chansonier Scott MacLeod jette un regard lucide, exhaustif et objectif (et aussi très instructif) sur les principaux événements ayant marqué l’évolution de notre beau pays depuis le siècle de sa venue au monde. Cette formule innovatrice ne devrait cepedant pas nous faire perdre de vue le fait que Scott MacLeod s’affirme sur ce disque comme un auteur-compositeur-interprète très talentueux!”

Jacques Garcia, Paroles & Music, SOCAN Magazine


What are people saying:

Toes were tapping and people were singing to the catchy chorus of the Cape Breton song “Thistle and the Rose”.
“The narrative and lyrical parts of the performance addresses the subject matter presented in the other mediums simply, intelligently and without cultural bias.
“The sound is vibrant, due to Scott's skillful utilization and blending of diverse and eclectic traditional instrumentation, ranging from the Irish and Native drums to the contemporary electric guitar.
“Un petit cours de recyclage sur l’histoire du Canada, ça vous dirait?

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